Group Peer Support

Bright Pink’s Outreach Groups offer warm, supportive opportunities for women of increased and high risk to connect with others facing a similar situation.

Attend an Outreach Group Gathering

Check out our Communities page to see if Bright Pink offers an Outreach Group in your city. If we do, you’ll find date and location details for the next meeting there.

About Outreach Groups

Bright Pink’s Outreach Groups provide group support forums for high-risk women around the country. Facilitated by one of our volunteer Bright Pink Support Ambassadors, these monthly support groups provide women at an elevated risk for breast or ovarian cancer, due to a family history or genetic predisposition, with invaluable face-to-face connections with other women living with and through similar challenges and experiences.


“I just got home from Outreach and I'm....speechless. I happy cried the whole way home… I'm so overwhelmed with emotion, I feel so ....happy. I'm so proud of the women who shared, who listened, who encouraged. They all blew my mind and exceeded my expectations.”


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