Support Other High-Risk Women

Women at high risk of breast or ovarian cancer often need help along the way, and the support of other high-risk women can be invaluable.

Become a Support Ambassador

If you’re inspired by the idea of providing support for other high-risk women in an activity-based forum, we invite you to apply to become a certified Support Ambassador.

Bright Pink Support Ambassadors facilitate Outreach Groups. Bright Pink’s Outreach Groups provide group support forums for high-risk women around the country. Facilitated by one of our volunteer Bright Pink Support Ambassadors, these monthly support groups provide women at an elevated risk for breast or ovarian cancer, due to a family history or genetic predisposition, with invaluable face-to-face connections with other women living with and through similar challenges and experiences.

To become a Support Ambassador, you must be accepted to and attend Bright Pink University (BPU), a premier training program for volunteer leaders. This virtual training program requires 15 hours of training over a five-week period. During the training, you’ll learn more about Bright Pink, be trained on how to facilitate Outreach, understand the goals you’ll have as an Ambassador and learn strategies for successful program deployment. Even better, you’ll get to work with some of our current Ambassadors and gain a new group of committed friends among your cohort of BPU classmates. The training culminates in formal certification as a Bright Pink Ambassador and the commencement of an 18-month term.

Since our first BPU in July 2013, Bright Pink has certified more than 25 Support Ambassadors to bring this important program to their communities.

Interested in Becoming a Support Ambassador?

As a Bright Pink Support Ambassador, you will help provide much-needed support to other high-risk women in your community. All Support Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Complete all Bright Pink University virtual training sessions

  • Complete a post-training review in order to graduate

  • Participate in biannual performance reviews with Bright Pink Staff

  • Commit to an 18 month term

  • Facilitate monthly Outreach Groups

  • Support growth of the local High-Risk network

  • Apply Today!

    Given the intimate nature of Outreach Groups, it’s important for Support Ambassadors to be able to directly contribute by offering their support, perspectives, and experiences as high-risk women.

    Support Bright Pink University Application

    Application Instructions

    Please read through the questions below before beginning your application. As you consider your answers, think carefully about the time and energy you have to commit to your work with Bright Pink. We invest heavily in training and support for Ambassadors, and in return we hold them accountable to ambitious impact goals—all in the name of saving women’s lives. Due to high demand, Bright Pink is unable to accept all applicants as Ambassadors. We have several other volunteer opportunities, and welcome a conversation to find the best fit for you. A Bright Pink staff member will follow up with each applicant within 2 weeks.

    Please rank the sessions based on availability and preference.
    Note: Accepted applicants will be assigned their most preferred session possible

    Bright Pink Ambassadors are the quintessential example of an empowered woman in control of their breast and ovarian health. The first step is understanding your own personal risk.

    The Assess Your Risk quiz is a tool to help you better understand your level of risk. The quiz will guide you through a series of questions about your health and family history. Your answers will be tallied at the end, where you’ll be given information and advice factors.

    Please complete the Assess Your Risk quiz and answer the question below:
    Note: Your results are confidential

    Career and Achievements

    Support Ambassador Role

    Personal Statement

    Please upload your resume or provide a link to your LinkedIn page.

    pdf, doc, rtf, txt

    Closing Statement

    I understand that if accepted, I am committed to attending one of the mandatory Bright Pink University trainings in full and to achieving the goals set forth.

    Type your first and last name in the box below as an electronic signature

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Become a PinkPal®

Sometimes, women seeking support prefer a one-to-one experience to discuss their concerns and experiences instead of a group, and Bright Pink’s PinkPal® provides just that. PinkPal matches women at increased or high risk for breast or ovarian cancer with another woman who has had similar experiences and can provide personal mentoring and connection.


“It's such a great thing to be able to talk to someone who just gets it. Even as a mentor, I find myself learning and growing through others. Thanks BP!”

Provide Support

As a PinkPal® mentor, you will provide guidance and support to other high-risk women by sharing your personal experiences and listening to the feelings and concerns of others. In order to become a mentor, we also ask that you complete the PinkPal® application below.

To best meet the needs of participants, we ask that PinkPal® mentors:

  • Are at Increased or high risk for breast and ovarian cancer and have undergone genetic testing with positive, negative, or inconclusive results

  • Are at least six months post genetic testing

  • Are at least six months post cancer treatment (if a cancer survivor)

  • Have developed and implemented a proactive strategy for your breast and ovarian health in conjunction with a trusted medical professional

  • Join the PinkPal® Program Today!

    We ask that all interested parties fill out our PinkPal® application. While all personal medical information is voluntary, the more you provide, the more specific your match. Once your application has been evaluated, you will be scheduled for a brief phone interview. For additional questions or more information, email our PinkPal® administrator Liz Perri at [email protected].

    PinkPal Questionnaire

    This questionnaire is for prospective PinkPal mentors and mentees. It should take about 10 minutes to complete.
    While all information is voluntary, the more information you provide, the more specific your match.


    Hold Shift or Command to select more than one

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