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Bright Pink’s Action Network is composed of our innermost circle of leaders and changemakers who personally contribute $20,000 or more to ensure women throughout the US have access to the education and resources they need to be proactive with their health.

Join the Action Network

Bright Pink has an ambitious goal of reaching the 52 million women in the US who have not been diagnosed with breast cancer and providing them with life-saving breast and ovarian health education and support. We’re transforming the face of women’s health and inspiring a movement beyond awareness through programs and products that empower young women to take action with their health.

You have the unique opportunity to play a meaningful role in this life-saving legacy by joining an ever-growing network of philanthropists in the Action Network. As a member, you receive special privileges including a more intimate relationship with our impactful work, inside access to our leadership and strategy, and opportunities to connect with others through this community of like-minded women’s health champions.

Feel The Impact

  • Quarterly Impact Hours – Take a front-row seat at these quarterly stakeholder meetings where you’ll get an inside-look at our latest achievements, upcoming objectives, and recent stories of impact.
  • Experience Our Programs – Come as a guest to observe our programs in action at a Women’s Health Provider lecture or Brighten Up Educational Workshop in your community.

Get Inside Access

  • Monthly E-Newsletter – We’ll regularly share what we’re working on, recent achievements, and progress towards our goals.
  • Bright Pink Staff – Get to know our team and even join us for a brainstorm, planning meeting, or program recap.

Connect Through Community

  • Event Invitations – Be our guest at our signature event, ChangeMakers, and other events benefitting Bright Pink throughout the year.
  • Annual Stakeholder Gathering – An intimate gathering for Executive Board and Action Network members consisting of an organizational update and strategic working session.

Membership Guidelines

Individuals and family foundations that donate a total of $20,000 in cash or appreciated assets to Bright Pink in a calendar year are eligible for membership. Members have the opportunity to be listed publicly in our Annual Report or to keep their contribution anonymous. 


Join the Action Network


Contact Lindsay DeThorne at 708.925.4163 or [email protected] for more information.


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