Partner with Your Healthcare Provider

When it comes to living healthfully, your healthcare provider is a key partner in developing and adapting a health management plan. See your doctor at least once annually, even when you feel perfectly healthy, to proactively manage your breast and ovarian health.

What to Expect At Your Well-Woman Exam

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Here’s a breakdown of everything you should expect during your annual exam, so you can put your mind at ease and approach your next appointment with confidence!

A STANDARD PHYSICAL: This typically includes height, weight and blood pressure.

FAMILY & PERSONAL HEALTH HISTORY COLLECTION: You may fill out a form or chat with a provider about your health history. This information should be updated annually.

CLINICAL BREAST EXAM: Clinical breast exams are optional, but plan to have a conversation with your healthcare provider about if this makes sense for you and your health. A breast exam only lasts a few minutes and can help protect you from any surprises when it comes to breast cancer.

MAMMOGRAM: Plan to talk to your healthcare provider about starting mammograms at age 40. But, if you have a first-degree relative who was diagnosed with breast cancer, you should schedule your first mammogram when you are 10 years younger than the age at which your relative was diagnosed. So, if your mom was diagnosed at 45, talk to your doctor about starting mammograms at 35. 

NO TWO EXAMS ARE ALIKE! Everyone has a different family health history, personal health history, and lifestyle–so your exam will not look like someone else’s! To help guide a more personalized provider-patient conversation, go to and complete our breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment. Print out your quiz results as use them as a conversation starter at your appointment.

No matter your gender identity, you should be seeing a healthcare provider annually for this routine visit if you have a vulva, breasts, or a uterus.


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“I’m actually at the age when I would have been having my first mammogram—thanks to Bright Pink, I knew to start earlier because of my family history of cancer.”


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