Bright Pink has compiled one-of-a-kind resources to inform and empower high-risk women as they navigate their lives as a woman at risk.

Bright Pink’s Empowered Patient Guides will help you learn more about yourself and your health care providers. Each guide can be downloaded, printed, and taken with you to your doctors’ appointments. Use the questions as conversation starters, come prepared with questions of your own, and take notes. Together, you and your doctor can create a risk management plan that’s right for you.

The Silver Lining

Even though some side effects of risk-reducing measures can make it difficult to conceive children the natural way, getting a head start can make a world of difference. Whether or not you’re ready to start a family, you can increase your future reproductive options by starting to think about it now.

Fertility Preservation

If you know you might want to have biological children someday, there are ways to preserve your fertility — but they have to be done before you undergo chemoprevention or an oophorectomy.

Embryo Banking involves retrieving several of your eggs at once, and then uses in vitro fertilization (IVF) to create embryos. Those embryos are then frozen until you’re ready to have children.

Egg Banking is similar, but allows you to freeze your eggs to be fertilized at a later time. Many single women who are undergoing an oophorectomy find this to be a good option. For more information, check out

With either alternative, as long as your uterus stays intact, you will likely be able to carry your own baby when you’re ready. If this is not an option for you, you may still be able to have biological children with a surrogate. A fertility specialist can help you sort through the best options for you.

Fertility Resources

For help with medical options and local fertility preservation referrals, call the FERTLINE Fertility Navigators at the Oncofertility Consortium (866-708-3378).

For additional information about fertility options and resources, including financial assistance, check out the LIVESTRONG Fertility program.

And for positive peer support from someone who has gone through a similar experience, sign up for our PinkPal® program.


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