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Bring Bright Pink’s Brighten Up¬ģ¬†Educational Workshop on the breast and ovarian health basics to your organization. Learn more and request a workshop below.


This 30-minute interactive presentation, delivered by a certified Bright Pink Education Ambassador, covers the breast and ovarian health basics including:

  • signs & symptoms
  • early detection tools
  • risk reduction strategies
  • a guide to your annual well-woman’s exam
  • more tools to be proactive.

The presentation concludes with a call to action for participants to complete, a 19-question quiz that provides a personalized breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment and management plan based on family and personal health history and lifestyle factors.

Bright Pink’s Brighten Up Educational Workshop is evidence-based, easy-to-consume, interactive, and actionable, thereby empowering women to be their own best health advocates.

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86% of attendees report they are likely/very likely to make a risk-reducing behavior change after attending a Brighten Up.



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