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There are many ways to get involved with Bright Pink. Join us as we work to educate and empower young women nationwide to be proactive advocates for their breast and ovarian health.

Learn about the various ways to support Bright Pink and then complete the form below to sign up as a volunteer.

Take Part in Bright Pink

There are a variety of ways you can directly help our organization—from spending time at our office, to volunteering at a fundraiser, to distributing our materials at a conference. No matter your skillset or interest, we’re invested in and excited by the idea of working together to achieve our mission. Learn about the various ways to support Bright Pink and then complete the form below to sign up as a volunteer.

Bring Bright Pink to Your Community

Connecting young women and medical professionals to Bright Pink’s programs and services in communities nationwide is central to our mission. Whether you want a one-time opportunity to help bring Bright Pink’s resources to a group you’re a part of or if you want to make a longer-term commitment to get deeply involved in delivering our programs or something in between there are many ways you can help bring the Bright Pink movement to your community.

Host an Educational Event

Empower young women to take charge of their breast and ovarian health by organizing a Brighten Up Educational Workshop for your workplace, social group, sorority, place of worship, or wherever you’ve got an interested audience of 40-50 people or more. These workshops arm young women with the knowledge and resources they need to help prevent breast and ovarian cancer or detect these diseases at early, non life-threatening stages.

Educate the Medical Community

Through our Women’s Health Provider Education Initiative, Bright Pink is taking a unique and innovative approach to educating the next generation of women’s healthcare providers on how best to identify and manage breast and ovarian cancer risk among their patients. Bright Pink is actively seeking women’s healthcare providers interested in delivering our lecture and companion case-study module on risk stratification and management at women’s health residency programs around the country on our behalf. And, similarly, we would love to hear from medical institutions interested in hosting the program for their medical professionals.

Distribute Educational Materials

Share our Little Bright Books and other printed educational materials with the medical professionals, hospitals, cancer centers, and community organizations in your city to raise awareness and link young women to Bright Pink’s education and support services.

Raise Funds for Bright Pink

Host a fundraising event to contribute to the development and expansion of Bright Pink’s educational programs nationwide, while raising awareness and vital funds to fuel our mission. To host your own event benefitting Bright Pink please visit our VIPink™ fundraising site.

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