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Bright Pink’s goal is to educate all 52 million young women in the United States between 18 and 45 about the basics of breast and ovarian health—and we need your help to do so!

Become an Education Ambassador

If you’re passionate about helping Bright Pink reach members of your community with life-saving education, we invite you to apply to become a certified Education Ambassador.

Bright Pink Education Ambassadors deploy Brighten Up® Educational Workshops, 30-minute presentations delivered at workplaces, churches, community centers and other gathering places, that ground participants in the basics of breast and ovarian health, introduce them to the idea of different lifetime risk levels, provide early detection and prevention strategies, and equip them with life-saving knowledge that will inspire them to take action.

To become an Education Ambassador, you must be accepted to and attend Bright Pink University (BPU), a premier training program for volunteer leaders. This virtual training program requires 2-5 hours of work per week over a six week period. During the six week training, you’ll learn more about Bright Pink, be trained on how to deliver the Brighten Up presentation, understand the goals you’ll have as an Ambassador and learn strategies for successful program deployment. Even better, you’ll get to work with some of our current Ambassadors and gain a new group of committed friends among your cohort of BPU classmates. The training culminates in formal certification as a Bright Pink Ambassador and the commencement of an 18-month term.

Since our first BPU in July 2013, Bright Pink has certified more than 137 Education Ambassadors who have brought the Brighten Up to thousands of women across the United States.


“Thank you again so much for coming to speak with us! I am so glad we got to meet and that everyone got to learn something about breast and ovarian cancer, as well as Bright Pink! Everyone that I spoke with afterwards remarked on what a great job you did and how helpful it was! We really appreciate it!”

Interested in Becoming an Education Ambassador?

As a Bright Pink Education Ambassador, you will help spread the word on awareness, early detection, and prevention. All Education Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Complete all Bright Pink University virtual training sessions

  • Complete a post-training review in order to graduate

  • Participate in biannual performance reviews with Bright Pink Staff

  • Commit to an 18-24 month term

  • Reach 150 women each quarter through Brighten Up™ Educational Workshops

  • Empower 75 Brighten Up attendees each quarter to complete the Assess Your Risk quiz

  • Participate in monthly hour-long Extended Learning Calls

Apply Today!

In order to become a Bright Pink Ambassador, we ask that you complete our application at least five weeks before the date of your desired training program.

Education Bright Pink University Application

Application Instructions

Please read through the questions below before beginning your application. As you consider your answers, think carefully about the time and energy you have to commit to your work with Bright Pink. We invest heavily in training and support for Ambassadors, and in return we hold them accountable to ambitious impact goals—all in the name of saving women’s lives. Due to high demand, Bright Pink is unable to accept all applicants as Ambassadors. We have several other volunteer opportunities, and welcome a conversation to find the best fit for you. A Bright Pink staff member will follow up with each applicant within 2 weeks.

Please rank the sessions based on availability and preference.
Note: Accepted applicants will be assigned their most preferred session possible

Bright Pink Ambassadors are the quintessential example of an empowered woman in control of their breast and ovarian health. The first step is understanding your own personal risk.

The Assess Your Risk quiz is a tool to help you better understand your level of risk. The quiz will guide you through a series of questions about your health and family history. Your answers will be tallied at the end, where you’ll be given information and advice factors.

Please complete the Assess Your Risk quiz and answer the question below:
Note: Your results are confidential

Career and Achievements

Education Ambassador Role

Personal Statement

Please upload your resume or provide a link to your LinkedIn page.

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Closing Statement

I understand that if accepted, I am committed to attending one of the mandatory Bright Pink University trainings in full and to achieving the goals set forth.

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