2018 Annual Report

Helping women live healthier, longer, brighter lives through personalized breast and ovarian cancer prevention

Dear Bright Pink Family,

When Bright Pink was founded 12 years ago, there were virtually no resources available for women with strong genetic or family histories of breast and ovarian cancer who wanted to be proactive about preventing a diagnosis.

What started as a website and support network for high-risk women has evolved into a digitally-driven national organization focused on meeting young women where they are—online, at their doctor’s office, at school, in their workplace, and in their communities—with the actionable information they need to understand and act upon their risk.

Since Bright Pink’s founding, our efforts have helped to shift the national conversation around breast and ovarian cancer from awareness and treatment to action and prevention.

2018 was a year of instrumental growth and change:

  • We empowered the 1,000,000th woman to know her risk using the Assess Your Risk tool;
  • We kicked off a 5-year strategic plan in which we will double down on our digital efforts and deepen our impact through partnerships;
  • And we debuted our online women’s healthcare provider education courses, among many other highlights.

As we move into year two of the strategic plan, Bright Pink is committed to improving the identification of women at elevated risk for breast and ovarian cancer and driving those women at elevated risk to take preventive action in partnership with an informed provider.

Thanks to your unwavering support, we’re on our way to empowering all women to know their risk for breast and ovarian cancer and manage their health proactively. We are grateful to you for being on this journey with us.

With gratitude,

Katie Thiede, CEO

Mission & Values

To help save lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering women to know their risk and manage their health proactively.


We breathe energy, optimism, and enthusiasm. We are informed, tenacious champions for women as they journey toward healthier, brighter futures.


We empower women to take charge of their breast and ovarian health by equipping them with the trusted, actionable, and evidence-based information they need to understand and act upon their breast cancer risk.


Our partnerships with medical professionals, peer organizations, media, healthcare innovators, supporters, volunteers, and trusted brands fuel our mission-driven work.


We aim to be a resource for all women by meeting them where they are in their daily lives and centering our work around their needs.


We apply the latest in medical research, healthcare, and digital communication to meet the ever-changing needs of women as they navigate the shifting healthcare landscape.

Obsess over IMPACT

We engage in data-driven decision making to create meaningful, measurable impact in the form of positive health outcomes for women at elevated risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

2018 Programmatic Impact

In 2018, Bright Pink inspired hundreds of thousands of women to be their own best health advocates through innovative programs that educate, equip and empower proactivity.

Launched a New and Improved Version of AssessYourRisk.org
Empowered the Millionth Woman to Assess Her Risk
Teamed up with Imerman Angels to Offer More Robust One-to-One Support for Women at Elevated Risk
Placed First in MATTER x Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Health Equity Challenge
Debuted Women’s Healthcare Provider eLearning Courses
Kicked Off New 5-year Strategic Plan

Her Journey To Personalized Prevention

Through content, campaigns, and partnership we build mass awareness among U.S. women of the value of prevention and the benefits of knowing and managing your breast and ovarian cancer risk proactively.
Our digital Assess Your Risk™ quiz collects lifestyle information, personal health history, and familial health history to provide a personalized breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment and management plan.
We arm women with risk-reduction options, tools and resources such as Breast Health Reminders™ and Explore Your Genetics™.
Our education and support resources prepare both sides for a positive clinical encounter including Empowered Patient Guides and the Women’s Health Provider Education Initiative

2018 Constituent Reflections

It is hard to overstate the significance and potential impact of this initiative, which will also contribute to health equity by democratizing access to the most advanced precision medicine approaches for preventing breast and ovarian cancer.

Dr. Kent Hoskins, Director, UIC Familial Breast Cancer Program; AYR 3.0 Editorial Advisory Board member

I am a Nurse Practitioner in a high-risk breast clinic in a rural setting. I found this [e-learning] course extremely helpful in ensuring I care for my patients using evidence-based practice. Thank you.

Patricia Martins, APNP, Wisconsin

This tool was crucial for me in my decision-making process.

Brittney, Assess Your Risk user

Erin [Imerman Angels Mentor] was (and still is) remarkably helpful, and I am so grateful we were able to connect before and after the surgery. She checked in on me afterward and shared amazing tips I would never have known otherwise.

Courtney, high-risk patient

I was unaware of many factors and risk categories for ovarian cancer in particular. This [e-learning] course was helpful as I start my family practice residency.

Bryan Dahms, MD, Colorado, healthcare provider eLearning user

Partner Spotlight: Aerie

For the ninth year, Aerie and Bright Pink teamed up to educate thousands of women on their breast and ovarian health. Our partnership aims to spark important conversations among young women about their risk for breast and ovarian cancer and how to take action. Aerie encouraged customers and team members to assess their risk through Bright Pink's flagship Assess Your Risk quiz. Aerie made a donation for each completion of the quiz and distributed this resource across all their channels including in stores, social media and on the Tiimes Square Billboard. Aerie also made the largest corporate gift in our organizations’ history to fuel Bright Pink's mission. Aerie continues to be a best-in-class partner by driving impact and exemplifying our values.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Aerie for the 9th consecutive year together! Our partnership aims to spark important conversations among young women and inspire them to be proactive with their health, while raising critical funds to fuel Bright Pink's life-saving mission. Since 2010, together we have raised nearly 2 million dollars to empower women to know their risk for breast & ovarian cancer and take action.”
- Katie Thiede, CEO

$1,826,000 raised over 9 years of partnership

2018 Partners




Product/ Cause Marketing
Assess Your Risk
Employee Education
Corporate Giving/ Fundraising

The Bright Collective

Through the generous support of our community, the mission of Bright Pink is made possible. We offer our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all who help make personalized prevention possible!


The Salah Foundation


Nikoh Foundation

Sarah and Jonathan Graham


Lindsay Avner and Gregg Kaplan



Speaker Family Foundation

Susan Leonard Charitable Trust

Meg and Steve Wright


Sandra Bass

Janet and Kenton Foutty


Health Care Service Corporation

Ellen Ryan Mardiks

Stephanie Szymanski

Stacey Wexler



Taryn and Daniel Aronson

Burnham Nationwide

Anne D. and Walter B. Clark

The Ellen Marks Cancer Foundation

Julia Feldman

Susan Goodenow

Laura Kane

Charles and Tara Montgomery

Stahl Family Foundation

Kelly Twohig

Ben and Christina Weiss


The Allergan Foundation

Joanna Anderson

Jessica and Tim Canning

Tara Dziengel

Eliza and Timothy Earle

Howard Jessen

Lindsay Landsberg

Richard Maclean

Manaaki Foundation

Ryan and Jessica Phillips

Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation

Puja Rios

Elizabeth Sinha

Bill Sklar

Alysia and Dave Tan

Stacey and Trevor Tank

James and Michelle Toney


Melissa Skoog

Jentes Family Foundation

Lyndonwood Foundation

Sarah McGraw Reichert

Brian Sefton

Anne Warehime


Mark and Marcie Achler

Steven Barmish

Dr. Joshua Cohen

Lauren Cowen

Craft & Commerce

Kate Donaldson and Ryan Whitacre


Beth Falk

Allison Fine and Scott Sondheimer

Kirby and Ben Kaplan

Dr. Charles Leath III

Alexis Lerner

Dr. Kurt Malkoff

Harry and Brenda Manning

Denise and Nick McClanahan

Janet and Andrew Miller

Catherine Murray

Thomas Opferman

Alicia Quarles

Terrie Rosenthal

Jeanmarie Salinas

Naomi and Jerrold Senser

Dr. Diljeet Singh

Ronna Stamm and Paul Lehman

Samantha Bell Sugarman and Jesse Sugarman

Lisa Yankoski

Donna and Phillip Zarcone

Illene and Michael Zedek


Melissa Abel

Julie Achler Hokin

Heather and Steve Alderman

Leslie Antunovich

Claire Barbour

Tracy Barnett

Marc Barney

Elizabeth A. Bassan

Dana and Dr. Lyle Berkowitz

Carol Brown

Scott Cohen

Rae Marie Delella

Rachel DiCarlo

Ann and Michael Dinner

Kathryn E. Doane

Lauren Dolan

Sue and Will Dollof

Jane Dutton

Laura Ellis

Ingrid Fedge

Terri and Avram Feldman

Susan Flinn Cobian

Robin H. Fogle

Kerhyl Gantt

Shannon Gerber

Mary Ellen and Christopher Girgenti

Michael Golic

Toi L. Gunn

David Halberstadt

Courtney Hamchuk

Dennis and Alyce Helfman

Margarita Hernandez

Lindsay Hickey

Tara Hirshberg

Dennis Hodgkins

Timothy Howald

Erin Hunt

Erica Johnston

David Jones

Megan Jones

Titania Jordan

Beth Clark Kauffman

Lori and Steve Kaufman

Cheryl Kraff-Cooper, M.D.

Sara Krivoshia

Leigh and Kevin Kruszenski

Paul Lacroix

Abigail Landt


Jessica Levi

Elsie Levin

David Linn

Gail and Robert Loveman

Theresa Lum

Randi Lustig

Cynthia and Mark Malin

Hilary and Aaron Malina

Gavin Marks

Marlee Marsh

Trista McCarthy

Millicent Mucheku

Lesley Nadeau

Mary Olsen

Elizabeth and Brett Opie

Jaime Painter

Delia Passi-Smalter

Marilyn and Stephen Patt

Debbie and Les Paul

Phil Peters

Cathy Perifimos

Mary Pettinato

Diana Pirzada

Eva Janzen Powell and Smith Powell IV

Teresa Quizon

Kathleen Ralston

Lisa Rosen

Monica Schwartz

Kate Schwid

Julie Sowold

Lodie Spurlock

Karl Stark

Jackie and Chris Stent

Holly and Randy Street

Bobette Takiff

Rona Talcott and Owen Deutsch

Stephanie Teoli

Wendy Tomasello

Jennifer Trent

Christy Trevino

Amber Trivedi

Heidi Wagman and Peter Bensinger, Jr.

Brittany Whitman and Tyler Mihailia

Arleen and Daniel William

Lauren Williams

Jean Woesner

Sara Wool


Total Support, Revenue and Gains 2018:


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Board of Directors

Taryn Aronson
COO, Tovala
Chicago, IL

Lindsay Avner
Founder, Bright Pink
Chicago, IL

Janet Foutty
US Board Chair, Deloitte
Chicago, IL

Gregg Kaplan
Operating Partner, Pritzker Private Capital
Chicago, IL

Kurt Malkoff
President/Founder, Matrix Psychological Services
Columbus, OH

Tara Montgomery
Head of Unscripted Programming
OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network
Chicago, IL

Katie Thiede
CEO, Bright Pink
Chicago, IL

James Toney
SVP, Strategy & Innovation
IMAX Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA

Stacey Wexler
Vice President, Legal
Google Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Executive Board

Mark Achler
Managing Director
MATH Venture Partners
Chicago, IL

Joanna Anderson
Managing Director
Cortland Capital Market Services
Austin, TX

Winn Claybaugh
Dean and Co-Founder
Paul Mitchell Schools
Santa Ana, CA

Susan Flinn Cobian
President and CEO
SFC Group
Chicago, IL

Tara M. Dziengel
Senior Vice President
Northern Trust
Chicago, IL

Julia Feldman
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs
San Francisco, CA

Kerhyl Gantt
North America Brand Director
Portland, OR

Susan Goodenow
Vice President of Marketing & Communications
Chicago Bulls
Chicago, IL

Cynthia Harriss
Executive VP of Stores
David’s Bridal
Orange County, CA

Debra Hokin Meyer
Director of Marketing
and Operations
Moonstone Asset Management
Chicago, IL

Laura Kane
Head of Large Enterprise Sales, North America
San Jose, CA

Veronica Katz
VP/GM of Large Enterprise Growth
Westchester, NY

Lindsay Bray Landsberg
Boyden Global Executive Search
Chicago, Illinois

Ellen Ryan Mardiks
Vice Chairman
Chicago, IL

Ryan Phillips
Vice President
WP Global Partners
Chicago, IL

Alicia Quarles
Journalist & On-Air Personality
New York, NY

Lilli Scheye
Chicago, IL

Liz Sinha
Senior Manager of CRM
Vivid Seats
Chicago, IL

Mel Speaker
Onboarding Programs Representative
United Airlines
Chicago, IL

Samantha Bell Sugarman
Griffin McCarthy & Rice LLP
Chicago, Illinois

Stephanie E. Szymanski
Director of Investments
Gore Creek Asset Management
Chicago, IL

Alysia Tan
Managing Director
Lincoln International
Chicago, IL

Stacey Tank
Vice President of Home Services
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA

Kelly Twohig
Head of Brand Strategy
Chicago, IL

Anne Warehime
Senior Analyst
Invesco Ltd
Chicago, IL

Ben Weiss
Sales Director, Vertical Markets
Chicago, IL

Meg Wright
Executive Director, Associate Gen Counsel and Asst Corp Sec
CME Group
Chicago, IL