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2 Major Marathons. 1 Pink Beard.

You too can run with Team Bright Pink. 2018 Bank of American Chicago Marathon registration is now open

This is why Tim runs.

This weekend, my pink beard and I will conquer the Chicago Marathon and, in just a few weeks, we’ll take on the famous New York City Marathon. Together, that’s 52.4375 miles.

Less than .17% of the U.S. population runs a marathon each year. And an even smaller group runs two. When people ask me, ‘why?’ I ask, ‘why not?’

I’ve watched too many women lose their lives to breast and ovarian cancer. Three of my wife’s aunts were diagnosed with these diseases at a young age and two passed away as a result. As a husband and father, I can’t help but want to shield other families from ever experiencing this pain.

Cue the pink beard.

As it turns out, BRCA gene mutations run in my wife’s family. And, while she doesn’t have a gene mutation, her sister does, giving her an up to 87% chance of developing breast cancer and an up to 54% chance of developing ovarian cancer in her lifetime. Burying our heads is not the answer.

The answer lies in taking action and living proactively. And when it comes to early detection and prevention, no one does it better than Bright Pink. When my sister-in-law underwent a risk-reducing mastectomy and oophorectomy, Bright Pink provided my family with unmatched resources and support.

So when I decided to run, Team Bright Pink was the obvious choice. I am proud to run in the name of prevention and early detection because those very things are the reason my sister-in-law is healthy today.

And this year, my wife, Laura joined me and tackled her first half-marathon as a member of Team Bright Pink.

If my small act of dyeing my beard and fundraising for Bright Pink can help ensure a brighter future for my family, every mile is well worth it.

For them, no distance is too far.

This is how I make a difference. For my family. For your family. For a brighter future.

Tim has completed 6 marathons for Bright Pink and raised over $30,000. Look for the dude with the pink beard and, while you’re at it, contribute to his New York Marathon fundraising efforts here.


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