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A message from Bright Pink's Chief Medical Officer, Deborah Lindner, MD
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Exuding Brightness Through Darker Times

Dear Bright Pink Family, 

We have all been impacted this month by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have seen our lives turned upside down – figuring out the new normal of working from home or not working at all, needing to take over our children’s schooling, limiting our in-person social contacts, having to think carefully about how we will get our basic needs met while minimizing potential exposure, and wondering how long this will go on and what the future will look like. These realities can be unfamiliar and unsettling, and tend to take over our thinking.

At Bright Pink, we want to share how we are approaching our work right now based on our core values:

Exude Brightness

At Bright Pink, we often say that we are not victims of a disease, but powerful advocates for our own health. We often find ourselves facing what could be scary realities: breast or ovarian cancer for ourselves or our loved ones, and right now, COVID-19. The risks are real, but there are real ways we can make a difference in our own health outcomes, and that is something to be smart and optimistic about! Even in the face of fear, there is power and strength in both positivity and advocating for our health. We will not let this destroy our brightness. Instead, we will look for ways to persevere through difficulty.

As a community, we will share smart but optimistic ways to combat fear and darkness, whether that is for breast and ovarian cancer risk or for Coronavirus. Stay tuned for bits of positivity from Bright Pink in the coming days: inspiring stories, empowering health recommendations, and more on what we are doing to stay BRIGHT!

Model ProactivityModel Proactivity

In the face of diseases that can seem inevitable, we can reduce our risk by being proactive. How do we keep our cancer risk low while also focusing on COVID-19? Look for messages from us soon on ways you can be proactive to reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and how they can fit into the latest recommendations for social distancing.

Insure Inclusivity Ensure Inclusivity

Our community is diverse in terms of cancer risk, race, socioeconomic status, geography, and overall access to health care. We are doing everything we can to think about every woman’s needs when it comes to risk. Some of our messaging is targeted to women who have never even considered their risk of cancer, while other messages are directed towards women at the highest risk. We will continue to address topics across all of our forums to focus on the needs of every woman we serve.

Pursue Innovation Pursue Innovation

We can’t imagine a better time to be an innovative, digital, health leader! All of our tools are easily accessible through phones and computers, and we continue to focus on ways to innovatively meet your health information needs.

Build Partnerships Build Partnerships

Now more than ever, we need the help of our partners and donors to keep this important work going. We know that breast and ovarian cancer isn’t going away despite the fact that our attention is being steered towards staying safe in a pandemic. If you have the ability to support our work right now, please give generously to ensure we can keep fulfilling our mission.

Obsess Over Impact Obsess Over Impact

Whether it is helping to encourage you to feel your best, providing the support you need as you walk through your health journey, or giving you life-saving tools to help you know your risk and proactively advocate for your health, we are committed to our mission: to save lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering women to know their risk and by driving women at elevated risk to take action. 

We hope you will stay close to us during this unprecedented time and be encouraged, uplifted, inspired, and motivated to better your health through our continued work. We are here for you – we will get through this together. 

All our best and brightest!

—The Bright Pink team

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