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United In Pink: John Paul Mitchell Systems & Paul Mitchell Schools

Since 2014, John Paul Mitchell Systems, Paul Mitchell Schools and Bright Pink have partnered to educate, support and empower young women to become advocates for their breast & ovarian health through our United in Pink campaign. Together we are reaching young women in their daily lives at hair/beauty schools and salons by hosting Brighten Up Workshops and fundraising to fuel Bright Pink’s mission. John Paul Mitchell Systems sells a limited-edition product line to raise awareness about United in Pink and each Paul Mitchell school participates in their own creative way. Since this partnership started, JPMS and Paul Mitchell Schools have donated more than $350,000 and educated hundreds of thousands of women. This is an incredible example of a multi-faceted partnership that goes beyond the product to help amplify our critical message!

We caught up with Winn Claybaugh, Dean and Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Schools, to share more about why their organization supports Bright Pink and what it means to their staff, students and clients.

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JPMS and Paul Mitchell Schools have a culture of philanthropy – how do you choose which organizations to work with/causes to support and what made you choose Bright Pink?

In 2013, the Paul Mitchell company was introduced to Bright Pink through a mutual partner when we signed on to sponsor Dirty Girl Mud Runs and Bright Pink was the exclusive national charity beneficiary of the event series. After learning more about Bright Pink, we set up a meeting between their founder, Lindsay Avner, and Winn Claybaugh, the Dean and Cofounder of Paul Mitchell Schools, to discuss the opportunity to partner with Bright Pink for our annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The schools choose to support organizations and causes that our students are passionate about. With Bright Pink’s emphasis on educating younger women to be proactive about their health, and your approachability and hands-on partnership, Bright Pink was a perfect match for our Paul Mitchell Schools. And the rest is history!

What impact does your organization hope to have by partnering with Bright Pink?

We want to educate our students and team members, as well as our guests, about breast and ovarian health, and to help as many people as possible. In addition to fundraising for Bright Pink, we love having the opportunity to host Brighten Up Educational Workshops in our schools and corporate offices. We also raise awareness in our Paul Mitchell Schools and salons with our vibrant United in Pink campaign materials and products.

How has working with Bright Pink personally impacted the JPMS team and students at Paul Mitchell Schools?

Most of us take good health for granted—until we have a reason to be concerned or we receive news that something has changed for the worse. In April 2006, at their biannual meeting, Paul Mitchell School owners learned that one of our team members had been diagnosed and was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. To show their support, dozens of school owners came to the stage to have their heads shaved and simultaneously raised $65,000 for a breast cancer charity in just one hour. Since that time, Paul Mitchell Schools have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in their annual cancer awareness campaigns. Working with Bright Pink has taken our efforts to a whole new level: the Brighten Up workshops have let us not only raise money for this important cause but also educate our students, team members, and local community in a way we had not done before. At John Paul Mitchell Systems, two years ago, a VP discovered a lump in her breast. It wasn’t until she found the lump that she truly realized the importance of proactively pursuing self-awareness and maintaining good health: a message our partner Bright Pink proudly delivers and why we gladly support their mission. Our corporate, school, and salon teams are now equipped with a wealth of knowledge and tools to live a healthy, proactive lifestyle. We are a very youth-oriented company, so we like the emphasis that Bright Pink has to not only educate young women, but to also engage the millennial generation to be part of the solution by raising funds and taking action.

What are the most creative ways you’ve seen Paul Mitchell Schools raise money during the United In Pink campaign?

There’s no end to the creativity of our Future Professionals! They’ve designed and sold T-shirts, held pink-themed bake sales, and offered pink highlights and extensions. A favorite event is our pink-themed casual days—students donate a dollar or five dollars to take a break from our all-black dress code and wear pink for the day.

There are over 100 Paul Mitchell School locations – how do you organize a campaign like United In Pink across so many sites and how do you get the schools excited about it?

Getting the schools excited is the easy part. Nearly everyone has been touched in some way by cancer, and our school teams are eager to make a difference during breast and ovarian cancer awareness months. As for organizing the campaign, that takes a village! The brilliant creative team at John Paul Mitchell Systems designs donation cards, flyers, and other materials to display in the schools. Each school identifies a “creative master” to manage the campaign within that school, plan fundraising and awareness events, and keep the energy high through the two-month campaign. Bright Pink and Winn Claybaugh send weekly eblasts throughout the campaign to celebrate individual victories and share the best ideas.

How have customers embraced or reacted to the United In Pink products during Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Why does your brand raise awareness and funds for breast and ovarian health?

Breast Cancer Awareness is important to John Paul Mitchell Systems, Paul Mitchell Schools, and our salon partners. We choose to be front and center, and very proactive, not only in creating awareness, but also in raising funds. Throughout September and October, students, school team members, and salon owners and stylists voice their dedication to empowering women to live proactively by styling beautiful pink locks and creating impactful product displays featuring our Limited Edition United In Pink Collection to show their support for Bright Pink. Our guests tell us they love doing business with a company that cares, and again, nearly everyone has been touched by cancer, so our guests are as passionate about making a difference in this area as we are.

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