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Bright Pink + The Effies

At Bright Pink, we know that the work we do is powerful and life-saving, so it’s always great to be recognized for it. The campaign for our state-of-the-art digital tool,, was selected as a finalist for a Health Effie! The Effies recognize, “effectiveness in marketing communications, spotlighting marketing ideas that work and encouraging thoughtful dialogue about the drivers of marketing effectiveness.”

Bright Pink was selected as a finalist for “Too Important to “Go Viral” – Using Facebook Ads to Drive Predictable, Repeatable Impact” for Bright Pink in the category of Disease Awareness & Education: Advocacy. is proving not only to be a life-saving tool, but the campaign surrounding it is being recognized as the very best in terms of effectiveness, and lets us know that our life-saving message is reaching an audience and inspiring people to actually take action. We’ve had over 80,000 people complete Assess Your Risk so far just this year, thanks in large part to strategic Facebook Ad campaigns created in partnership with our friends at Craft and Commerce.

What’s “”

Understanding your risk is one of the most powerful things you can do today. is a digital tool to help you determine your personal level of risk for breast and ovarian cancer. It’s an online quiz comprised of 19 questions about family health history, personal health history and lifestyle factors.

“The work Bright Pink is doing is tremendous. I sent Assess Your Risk to my entire family and they were all blown away. It started a great conversation about breast cancer and prevention measures.” – Elizabeth M.

The quiz itself takes less than 5 minutes to complete and provides you with a customized assessment of your baseline risk for breast and ovarian cancer. You’ll learn what factors are working for you and perhaps those that aren’t benefitting you  You can print your results or even email them directly to your health care provider, all in an effort to begin or enhance conversations during your well-woman’s exam.

“Bright Pink provides a “report card” of sorts that tells you what factors are working in your favor so you don’t panic or feel helpless, then lists modifiable risk factors – things you can do to lower your cancer risk. I came out at “potentially high risk” and was advised to see a doctor or genetic counselor to confirm that your baseline risk truly is only increased, and not actually high. I appreciate the qualifiers.” – Ricki L, PhD

We are so honored to be selected as a finalist for a Health Effie award because of our efforts promoting It’s just more reassurance that we’re on track to keep educating women and inspiring them to turn awareness into action. Now it’s back to work, because we’re not done saving lives yet!

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