#Act On Facts

I Commit

To live a sunnier life. Vitamin D has been shown to decrease risk of both breast and ovarian cancer.

Commit to a sunnier life:

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Commit to Act on Facts:

Ways to Take Action

Let's do something different this Fall. Here are our favorite ways
to #ActOnFacts and take control of your breast and ovarian health.

I commit

To cut back on the cocktails.

I commit

To break a sweat for 30 minutes on most days.


To create a brighter future for the next generation.

Make a donation today in honor of your BFF, mom, partner in crime, maid of honor...

I commit

To put down the cigarettes.

I commit

To a sunnier life.

I commit

To ask my doctor about taking the pill to lower my ovarian cancer risk.

I commit

To text PINK to 59227 to sign up for Breast Health Reminder.

I commit

To un-BFF the burger.

I commit

To find a doc I trust.

I commit

To get my annual well-woman’s exam on the books.

I commit

To Assess My Risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

I commit

To get the 411 on my family health history from both Mom AND Dad.

Awareness in action(tm)

Every day is a good day to #ActOnFacts. Join the movement today.

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