Our dear friend and supporter Giuliana Rancic wants to grant some special young women fighting breast or ovarian cancer with their most fabulous wish! Learn all about the breast cancer survivor's new program for young women and start dreaming up your own Fab-U-Wish today.



There were many factors that helped Giuliana Rancic, E! News host and Bright Pink supporter, cope with her struggle to get pregnant and a resulting pre-IVF mammogram that revealed she had early-stage breast cancer; Her husband Bill's boundless support, the advice of Bright Pink Founder, Lindsay Avner, (who’d successfully undergone similar surgeries) and the outpouring of love from fans around the world.


But, she will admit, getting dolled up for work—having her hair and make-up done, putting on a glamorous gown, and receiving the full Hollywood treatment—was its own special therapy and helped her feel like a princess, not a patient. By indulging in the things that made her look and feel good about herself, she was able to remain her outgoing, optimistic, and confident self, and not solely focused on her breast cancer.


Now, Giuliana aims to share that same brightness with other breast and ovarian cancer survivors, and together with Bright Pink, wants to play fairy godmother to women in need of a little refuge. So unleash your creative goddess. We’re wielding insider influence, not wands—so start with glass slippers and think bigger. If you can Fab-U-Wish for it, Bright Pink and Giuliana could make your dreams come true.




These are no ordinary wishes. If you could spend one day living like a celebrity, what would you wish for?

  • A walk down the red carpet?
  • A Hollywood-esque makeover?
  • A brand new pair of designer pumps?
  • A shopping spree at your favorite store?
  • A lunch with a celebrity crush?

Giuliana and Bright Pink want to show you that by granting your Fab-U-Wish, a little bit of fabulous can go a long way! So, think of a fun, feminine dream (in the areas of fitness, beauty, fashion, and celebrity) that would make you feel like a princess, too. (Just don't ask us to turn pumpkins into a Porsche.)




Apply for your very own Fab-U-Wish or nominate another deserving woman. Women residing in the US currently undergoing treatment for breast or ovarian cancer, or who have undergone treatment within the past 12 months, are eligible.




We want you to tell us (and show us) what would be your ultimate indulgence. Write a 150-word essay explaining how a little dose of fabulous could brighten your day and submit it below. You can also choose to share a two-minute video about your fab-u-wish. If you're wishing on behalf of another young woman undergoing treatment, tell us why and how you'd like to make her feel fabulous. Giuliana and Bright Pink will work together to review applications and select the most inspiring, creative, awesome, zany, and fabulous wishes to be granted. We wish we could grant everyone's Fab-U-Wishes, but we have a limited supply of fairy dust (and celebrity friends). Dream big: no wish is too extravagant, and we can't wait to hear what would make you feel your most fabulous, feminine self.

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