What is a PinkPal®?

PinkPal® One-on-One Peer Support provides matching to young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Pairings are made between a woman going through a specific, high-risk issue, and a fellow high-risk individual who has already gone through a similar journey.

PinkPal® is a unique resource for high-risk young women, 18-45 years old, that provides personalized mentoring as they asses their personal risk and develop strategies to prevent breast and ovarian cancer, or detect them early.

Bright Idea

You are not alone! Connect with other high-risk young women in your community with Experiential Outreach Groups.

Bright Pink’s PinkPal® matches women who have a strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer or genetic predisposition for these cancers, with other women who have gone through similar experiences. In order to become a mentee or mentor, we ask that you complete our online questionnaire. While all information is voluntary, the more you provide, the more specific your match.

Receive Support

After we review your questionnaire, our PinkPal® Coordinator, a licensed clinical psychologist, will schedule a brief screening call to confirm your preferences. Once matched, PinkPals may decide to communicate by phone, email, or meet in person.

Provide Support

As a PinkPals® mentor, you will provide guidance and support to other high-risk women by sharing your personal experiences and listening to the feelings and concerns of others.


To best meet the needs of participants, we ask that PinkPal® mentors:

  • Are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer and have undergone genetic testing with positive, negative, or inconclusive results
  • Are at least six months post genetic testing
  • Are at least six months post cancer treatment (if a cancer survivor)
  • Have developed and implemented a proactive strategy for your breast and ovarian health In conjunction with a trusted medical professional

Once your application has been evaluated, you will be scheduled for a brief phone interview. If selected, we will provide you with training that focuses on storytelling techniques


Join the PinkPal® program today!


For questions or more information, email PinkPal® Coordinator Liz Perri at Liz@BeBrightPink.org.


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