Ask a Genetic Counselor

With this resource, you can anonymously submit questions you have about hereditary cancers in general, your risk or how you can be proactive with your health to the Genetic Counselors at Informed DNA, who will provide a timely response.

Meeting with a genetic counselor face-to-face can feel like a big move. We’ve created an in-between step where you can ask a certified genetic counselor a specific question to help you start your risk assessment journey.


With Ask a Genetic Counselor, you can:

  • Take a fast, simple, personalized questionnaire to learn if you could be at risk for a hereditary cancer and if genetic counseling may make sense for you.
  • Anonymously submit questions about hereditary cancers in general, your risk, or how you can be proactive with your health.

The genetic counselors from Informed DNA will be answering your questions, and while they can provide general information, they cannot give specific medical advice. When asking your questions, keep in mind that it is difficult and unwise to answer specific personal questions in the absence of a full assessment.


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